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On an average, most of the men get affected by baldness nearing their 30's. The main cause is when the typical hair growth cycle gets affected by various reasons like heredity, hormonal imbalance, medication and stress. Even by using inappropriate products that doesn’t suits one's hair or scalp, and chemical treatments can affect your hair follicles and causes hair loss, hair thinning and slowly baldness.

Baldness can be reversed

VCare Aesthetics top tier experts will help you understand the root cause of the issue and guide through the right treatment solution and have the best results.

Activated Hair Transplantation is a world’s advanced Hair Transplantation Technique to reverse the hair loss. In this procedure, our experts carefully relocates hair follicles from the donor area using US FDA approved grafting technique to implant the hair follicle in the bald area. As a result, you can see new baby hair growth in the bald area within a few months.


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WHAT IS BEST ABOUT VCare Aesthetics?

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Premium Clinic, Elite Treatments & Aesthetically pleasing results with worlds advanced technologies

World certified Trichologists & Dermatologists, International standard treatments, US FDA, approved technologies and state of the art facilities will encourage our clients to witness wonderful hair & skincare journey with us.

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