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Scalp Detox (Dandruff Treatment)

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In today's pollution & lifestyle habits dandruff, itchy scalp, scalp dryness become an worrying factor for most of the people, these issues may have a common cause or that one cause the may trigger hair fall.

All you need is an Expert to have Healthy, Dandruff-Free Hair!!

VCare Aesthetics top tier experts will help you understand the root cause of the issue and guide through the right treatment solution and have the best results.

VCare Aesthetics Scalp Detox (Dandruff Treatment)

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VCare Aesthetics Dandruff control Therapy is specifically formulated to treat dandruff & scalp dryness, which exfoliates the damaged cells. It targets to eliminate micro dust particles which encourage forming dandruff. Thereby, allows nutrients to reach the Roots of the hair without any disturbance. As a result, one can experience a clear scalp with healthy Roots, thus encourages the follicles to grow healthy hair.

WHAT IS BEST ABOUT VCare Aesthetics?

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Premium Clinic, Elite Treatments & Aesthetically pleasing results with worlds advanced technologies

Certified trichologists & dermatologists, International standard treatments, US FDA approved Equipments and state of the art facilities will encourage our clients to witness wonderful hair & skin care journey with us.

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