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Hair Care Routine

A woman's beauty lies in her lustrous hair, where the most significant thing of living a healthy lifestyle is to maintain good and healthy hair. Trying to figure out the best way to maintain your hair is similar in picking the right dress on the online shopping store, you may have a lot of options, but you don't know which one to pick. But finding the correct methods to keep good hair is quite easy. By the end of this blog, you'll get to understand the right methods to retain healthy hair, and these proven benefits can help stimulate growth and improve the hair you have.

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Apply oil & wash your hair– adding oil for your scalp helps hair follicles improve natural hair growth. Ideally, you can apply for 1 hour before going for a shower. Else, apply at night time and wash it the next morning; this keeps your scalp safe and grows natural hair.

Stay away from chemical shampoos – Chemical like ammonia will damage your hair and scalp condition. Use an alternative medicated natural herbal shampoo that will help you to retain natural hair growth and avoid long-term hair loss.

Use sine tooth comb – Brush your hair daily with a fine-tooth comb appropriate for your hair, which helps spread the natural oils of the scalp uniformly all through the volume of the hair. Brushing prevents hair tangling and scalp breakage.

Avoid using Heat-Styling Tools – Give your hair a break from straighteners, curling iron, and hair dryers. Consistent heat exposure damages the hair follicle and causes hair breakage. Consult a professional medical suggestion before using these styling tools.

Wear cloth before helmet – This is an easy way to save your hair on travel, Tie a white cotton cloth before wearing a helmet, Cotton cloth avoids getting sweat and protects from dust particles from the surroundings. White colour absorbs less amount of heat. Thus, it prevents from the hot sun.

Healthy and balanced diet– A balanced diet, including the required quantity of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, supplemented with vitamins and minerals, helps to obtain healthy hair. Protein is an essential component of our hair strands, so offer your diet an amino acid boost to flaunt a healthy mane. Drink plenty of water to see your skin and hair health improvement.

Why Vi Prime?

These effective measures will help you save your hair from hair loss and the best ways to keep good and healthy hair. In some conditions, such as frequent hair loss cannot be controlled, particularly genetic hair loss that requires proper checkup from medical professions. Consult our Vi Prime clinic now.

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