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According to the latest studies, Your butt may look sag or shapeless because of excess body fat due to lack of exercise or poor nutrition. Sitting down or staying in one posture for too long at work can cause your fat cells to accumulate in the buttock area, which eventually results in saggy. The sagging of butt can be treated with VCare Aesthetics advanced Thread Lift technology to reverse the shape and tighten the muscles of the saggy butt.

Regain Attractive Butt With VCare Aesthetics

VCare Aesthetics non-surgical Butt Lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance and creates fullness to your backside. We use dermatologically tested certified POD threads, which is entirely safe to lift the buttock and give a higher, rounder and shapely contour to the saggy bust. At VCare Aesthetics, Our expert will help you have the desired butt after the first session.

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