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You might regret having a tattoo at any point of your life. Mainly, the first question which arises in mind would be, Is there any possibility of undoing the permanent tattoo? For all your queries, VCare Aesthetics new US FDA Approved laser technology has its very own way of removing the tattoo from anywhere on your body without any complications. It seems a bit complicated when it comes to tattoo Removal, but with the help of our skincare experts and advanced US FDA Approved laser technology, we can make anything possible.

Permanent tattoo removal - now possible!

VCare Aesthetics top tier experts will help you understand the root cause of the issue and guide through the right treatment solution and have the best results.

Tattoo Removal is the best technique to remove your tattoo and help you have the renewed skin. Vi Prime's experts use certified Q switch lasers which releases a powerful pulse on the targeted tattooed area and heat up the ink beneath the skin, which breaks the ink into smaller particles. Those smaller particles can be eliminated naturally by body's own immune system & restores natural skin.

WHAT IS BEST ABOUT VCare Aesthetics?

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Premium Clinic, Elite Treatments & Aesthetically pleasing results with worlds advanced technologies

World certified trichologists & dermatologists, International standard treatments, US FDA, approved technologies and state of the art facilities will encourage our clients to witness wonderful hair & skincare journey with us.

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