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Dark circles are common among both men and women. The area underneath the eyes may appear darker due to constricted blood vessels causing hyper pigmentation or thinning of the skin around the eyes. The most common factors are fatigue, eye strain, allergies, dehydration, sun exposure, stress, shift works, improper sleep, etc.

Latest Peels For Healthy, Radiant skin!

VCare Aesthetics top tier experts will help you understand the root cause of the issue and guide through the right treatment solution and have the best results.

Elite’s Treatment for Under Eye Dark circle’s

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VCare Aesthetics Eyeglow peels are an easy solution to treat dark circles, hyperpigmentation, across all skin types. Specially designed with a blend of Potent Active ingredients exfoliates the skin's outer layer, reducing the oil, and cleaning the pores, thus leaving you with healthy, radiant skin!

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Premium Clinic, Elite Treatments & Aesthetically pleasing results with worlds advanced technologies

World certified Trichologists & Dermatologists, International standard treatments, US FDA, approved technologies and state of the art facilities will encourage our clients to witness wonderful hair & skincare journey with us.


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